How Much Does MBA Cost in Germany? – Tuition Fees & Cost Of Living

Cost of MBA in Germany for International Students

Germany is a destination for most of the students because of its quality education. But most of the student’s
question is how much does MBA Cost in Germany? In this article, we are giving you the details about the cost like Accommodation costs, Food Costs, Transportation costs, and other costs.

Tuition Fees in Germany

Universities in Germany are public and public universities do not charge the tuition fee for Master Degree or Bachelor Degree. You can able to study in Germany for free. You need pay only administration fee which is around 100 to 200 Eur Per year which covers student organization services and enrollment.


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Accommodation cost for international students in Germany:

Accommodation costs in Germany are more expensive. The Big cities such as Munich and also the cities across western Germany are more expensive when compared to the other cities of Germany. The cost in cities is 350 EUR to 1000 EUR per month. If you live in a shared flat it will be around 298 EUR per month.

Food costs for Students in Germany:

The food cost will be around 100EUR per month. It will cost less if you can make your own food. The cheapest supermarkets you will find around the country are Aldi, Lidi, and Netto where you can do the grocery shopping.


Transport Costs in Germany:

Based on the DAAD data, the public transport pass costs around 70 EUR Per month. Most of the students use buses, bicycles, or rails to travel to other cities. You can save your transportation cost by using the bicycle. There are many bicycle stores available in Germany. They also sell the used bicycles.

Other Costs for international students:

Other costs like (82 EUR) for telephone, internet, and TV license and (30 EUR) for study materials, and for leisure activities(68 EUR).

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Scholarship for Students education:

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is a programme of financial aid which focuses on German and international students. For talented students, an award of 300 EUR per month will be given by the German government as the German government strongly supports higher education.

The scholarship will also be given to the researchers and targeted fellowships.

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