MBA in Germany – Reasons to study MBA in Germany

Reasons to study MBA in Germany

Germany is the 3rd tremendous popular destination among international college students in the global. More than 12% of students at German universities come from overseas. Germany is the absolutely ideal place of MBA Program.

I identified following reasons to study MBA in Germany

1. MBA In Germany – Prominent Degree Recognized around the Globe:

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Germany is one of the prominent Master- degree program recognized worldwide. It is well-known for its strong links between practical experience and theoretical knowledge.

MBA Business program In Germany covers

  • Leadership
  • Innovation und Entrepreneurship
  • Internationales Marketing
  • Performance Measurement and Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Managerial Economics
  • Strategic Management Managing in a Global Economy

2. The cost of MBA Program in Germany:

MBA programs in Germany are usually a little less expensive than in the UK and the USA and no tuition fees for MOST courses in Germany.

3. International Student Cost Of living:

Compared with other European countries, the expenses in Germany is reasonable. The cost of Rent, Food and clothing are similar to the Europe average. There are also a number of concessions available to students. You can receive discount prices at theaters, museums, opera houses, cinemas, swimming pools and other institutions. All you have to do is present your student ID.

4. Opportunities For MBA Students in the Germany:

Germany’s higher education system has something for everyone!
There are endless research opportunities while you are studying MBA in Germany and most of the professors really support for research and emphasize more on the practical knowledge compared to the theoretical knowledge.
General universities focus strongly on the scientifically oriented study in a wide range of disciplines. Universities of applied science, on the other hand, are very practice-oriented.

5. Travel and Hobbies for International Students:

Living in Germany means existing in the heart of Europe surrounded by many other countries. Whether you’d like to visit Paris, Prague, Rome or Copenhagen, you have a wide range of travel destinations at your doorstep. You can experience an entirely different culture and language. Students can have affordable weekend trips in Germany.

6. German Economy

The strong German economy means a constant influx of educated workers – including many English speakers.

7. Social life for International Students

Around 12% of students at German universities come from foreign countries. You can make friends from around the world, become conversant with different countries and expand your horizons.

8. MBA students in Germany can learn Language Free:

You have the option of adding an extra language course to your studies, as long as it is currently offered and fits into your course plan. You can choose from Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish and German as a Foreign Language. For international students the German course is free.

MBA program in Germany focuses on updating and increasing your general managerial knowledge. Parallel to your studies you will strengthen your professional profile through leadership courses, such as Strategic Management or Corporate Finance.

International students are advised to apply for a visa at least 4 months before the program starts.

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